Open Mics

What are they?

There are people all over the world moving away from ‘business as usual’ and re-thinking the way things are done. Thousands of innovators are creating new models and processes that contribute to a more regenerative economy –the aim of the Open Mic stage is to provide a platform for these ideas to be shared, discussed and learnt from - to discover new perspectives for mastering everyday challenges.

Who should apply?

The Open Mic Stage is suited to individuals and organisations who want to share stories, ideas and latest innovations. Whether in a team or going solo you should be prepared to design, promote and facilitate your session. Keep an eye out for the overarching DIF themes, for 2016 they were: System Reset, Regenerative Cities and Future of Work.

You can register to host an Open Mic session from June 15th.

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Big Top Tents

What are they?

The Big Top Tent stage provides leading universities and institutions within the Ellen MacArthur Foundation network the opportunity to run online learning programmes, providing a more structured path through the DIF. Short courses, MOOCs and group sessions were featured during DIF 2016 with 18 universities taking part, all incorporating topics related to the changing economy.

Who should apply?

Big Top Tent applications are open to universities or institutions within the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Higher Education Network, that are involved in teaching or research that is linked to the shift to a circular economy. To find out if your institution is eligible to apply, visit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Website. If you are, please get in touch with us ASAP via the 'Contact' form so that we can involve you from the beginning for the 2017 DIF.

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