The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s 2018 Summit will take place on Thursday 21st June at the iconic Roundhouse in London, and this year A View from the Summit is back! Summit 2018 X DIF brought to you by the team behind the Disruptive Innovation Festival, will broadcast live throughout the day.

Join our host, Joe Iles from 11:00 BST, who will welcome new guests, host exclusive interviews, and give additional comment in between all the on-stage action.

View from the Summit Schedule.

Summit X DIF

Now in its sixth edition, this year the Summit will ask: how do we reinvent the systems of today so that they are fit for tomorrow? As scientific and technological inventions open up spaces previously limited to art and fiction, we are presented with untold challenges and possibilities. In order to build a future we can thrive in, we need compelling contemporary visions and radical approaches to reach them.

Through a mix of storytelling, conversation, and exhibition, the 2018 Summit explores how the digital revolution can make the circular economy a reality. Featuring pioneers that are disrupting the current system from within, our ultimate question is: what are the narratives and practices that will guide the innovators who are reshaping the world around us?

As with last year, limited tickets are now available for the final public session of the 2018 Summit which runs from 17:45 - 19:00 BST – Reframing Perspectives: Stories about the future and where they take us, with Ellen MacArthur, Azeem Azhar author of The Exponential View, Zaid Hassan of Roller Strategies and Ellen MacArthur Foundation CEO, Andrew Morlet.

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