Scriberia return for their second Disruptive Innovation Festival, having provided us with their unique insights during the 2016 Festival. Their talented artists watched a handful of sessions last week including the DIF Live the titles below to catch up with DIF on Demand.

Week 1 - Full storyboard

Week 1 Scribe
DIF Live Launch

2017 DIF Live Launch

What are the stories that we tell ourselves about the economy? During the Live Launch, Tim Harford, Ann Pettifor and Mark Stevenson made the case for economics to break out of the 18th and 19th century thinking that dominates education and political decision making today. 


Furniture That Changes to Fit Your Life

Today people’s living situations are shifting more frequently. Current furniture solutions are not suited for this, regarding the flexibility needs of people and the huge environmental impact of these frequent shifts. 
STRATA is different. 

Development Paradigm

How the Circular Economy Can Disrupt the Development Paradigm 

The circular economy provides a roadmap to achieve SDGs while ensuring the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources and creating inclusive growth. Circle Economy partnered with pioneering leaders to create the a first circular roadmap for developing countries and join them as they define a new development paradigm.


Will Automation Spell the End of Education As We Know It?

What does automation, personalisation and adaptive really mean in the context of learning? Whether it's your own learning, your family’s, colleagues’ or your organisation’s, how we learn and educate fundamentally shapes the world we live in.

Food Packaging

New Definitions for Food Packaging in the Circular Economy

What is the role of new materials, intelligence and data in packaging for circular economy businesses. This conversational session provides insights for designers, technologists, scientists and circular economy business owners.