Tuesday 20th November


The materials economy is under-analysed and it's importance in terms of the outcomes for business, people and the environment is vastly under appreciated.

Embrace a new perspective as part of today's DIF lineup with the team from the New Plastics Economy sharing a new vision for one of the world's most abundant materials at 13:00 GMT and reflections on a design thinking workshop focused on redesigning food packaging at 16:40 GMT. Cradle to Cradle pioneer and DIF Headliner William McDonough completes the story at 17:00 GMT, he'll join Emma Fromberg virtually in the DIF Studio to explore what it means to design products, services and systems that are safe and circular.

Today's Recommended Sessions

28 Months Later
Joe Iles, Emma Fromberg & Ross Findon
Live Studio Session at 15:00 GMT

circular economy

What would the world look like if there was mass adoption of the circular economy?

This session is set in the future - 28 months after the worldwide adoption of the circular economy. Our guests will tell us everything we need to know about everything you could possibly want to know!

Safe & Circular: Cradle to Cradle Design for the Circular Economy
William McDonough
Headliner Session in the DIF Studio at 17:00 GMT

cradle to cradle

Cradle to Cradle Design encourages us to step back from the routines of daily problem-solving and rethink the frame conditions which shape our designs.

In this Headliner session, Bill will describe how applying this approach to molecules, products, buildings, landscapes, cities, ecosystems, and even global crises - such as ocean plastics, can productively transform design decisions.

DIF Top Tip

Did you know that the DIF is in its fifth year?

We’ve seen it transition from a slightly outrageous notion into a reality and become a truly global platform where people share disruptive ideas and innovations.

Take a look back at the past DIFs to see how it has evolved into what it is today.

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