Thursday 22nd November


Besides the fact that lots of people live in them, why are so many people focused on cities?

The penultimate day of the DIF presents the perfect opportunity to explore that issue with a range of sessions focused on our urban areas and the built environment.

It all culminates at 20:00 GMT with System Reset star, Areti Markopoulou. She'll be painting a picture of a world where our buildings and cities are designed more like living organisms and less like stagnant structures.

Along the way, hear about urban manufacturing and "cities of making" from UCL's Teresa Domenech at 14:00 GMT, what the circular economy means for cities from the team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation at 17:00 GMT, and then hear from a Spanish city that is just at the beginning of a journey of innovation and application of new principles at 18:00 GMT.

Today's Recommended Sessions

Why New Funding Models Are Key to the Circular Economy
Arpit Bhuntani & Apoorva Arya
DIF on Air Session at 10:00 GMT

funding models

An intervention is required to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy including the creation of funding mechanisms, available at all stages of innovation, but especially for pre-seed ventures.

This conversation will focus on the need for these funding mechanisms and possible ways to achieve them through technology.

Enough of the Facade: Architecture Is Changing
Areti Markopoulou
Headliner Session in the DIF Studio at 20:00 GMT


How can science and design interact to have a positive impact on the present and future of our built spaces, changing how we live for the better?

Areti leads the Advanced Architecture Group at Barcelona’s IAAC, where she explores this very question. Join this Headliner session to discover what’s next for our living spaces.

DIF Top Tip

Watch our 'DIFumentary' - System Reset!

If you haven't done so already, make sure you watch our feature-length documentary that explores the story of change in our economy.

Shot in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona, this film features some of the leading thinkers in materials, economics, the commons movement, FabLabs, digital citizenship, urban planning and architecture.

Don't miss your opportunity to see them collectively weave a picture of how our economy could operate.

Watch System Reset.