Friday 9th November


How are entrepreneurs around the world innovating to produce and deliver healthy and affordable food to local communities?

The first Friday of this year's DIF travels from China to Brazil to tell the stories of people who are not intimidated by "the mother of all systemic challenges".

Watch a DIF exclusive film created in Brazil and showcasing Hamilton Henrique, who was inspired to create a socially driven business that delivers affordable and healthy food to the favelas outside of Rio de Janeiro after seeing the enormous divide in the quality of food between the wealthier and poorer areas of the city. Watch the story of how he designed a business that creates local jobs and brings food production into the community.

Then at 17:00 GMT, find out how China's entrepreneurs are responding to the challenge of feeding a fast growing population. Federico Duarte, founder of a future food laboratory based in Shanghai called Yeast, joins the DIF Studio to talk about some of the things that are already happening on the ground now. Don't miss this session, whichever direction China pursues, the impacts will be felt around the world


Today's Recommended Sessions

A Wider Lens
Michael Pawlyn
DIF Studio Session at 13:00 GMT


Michael Pawlyn has long understood the value of widening our perspective when it comes to design. As an architect inspired by biomimicry, he has already embraced what computational design can offer.

Join us as he discusses the new tools at a designer’s disposal.

ColaborAmerica X DIF Festival Takeover
Live stream of their main stage & stage two
DIF on Air Stream from 14:00 GMT


We'll be streaming live from ColaborAmerica, one of the biggest festivals of new economies in Latin America. ColaborAmerica discusses innovation, technology, and alternative models of economy.

Stay tuned as we takeover their main stage and stage two to bring you sessions around our 2018 key topics.

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