Friday 16th November


Watch the future of food with live cooking in our kitchen, the impact of blockchain, Universal Basic Income and the challenge of plastic sachets in South-East Asia.

Where else would you cover that range of topics in just a few hours?

Today's DIF lineup celebrates diversity and highlights connection points between some of the world's most impactful trends and technologies.

Today's Recommended Sessions

Towards a Better Food System
Justin Horne, Andrew Stephen & Paul Newnham
Live Studio & Cooking in the DIF kitchen Session at 14:00 GMT


Our food system is wasteful, nature degrading and hundreds of millions go to bed hungry or get sick through poor diet. How can we shift the system onto a healthier path that will provide future food security?

In this session we aim to answer this question from the perspective of the restaurant, the chef and the broader context of the SDGs.

Universal Basic Income: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Almaz Zelleke & Peter McColl
Live Studio Session at 17:00 GMT


What's the idea behind Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Join us on Friday when our guests will cut through the noise and tell us how it relates to democracy, and can support a healthy economy. We’ll also look at examples of where UBI is already being trialled.

Very strong opinions already exist on this topic, make sure you join the debate!

DIF Top Tip

Watch the DIF's Exclusive Documentary: System Reset

Imagine if we built an economic system built on abundance rather than scarcity. Taking advantage of the latest digital tools, computational power, material science, biomimicry and a somewhat older idea - the commons - this new system could have the power to transform how we live and work.

Watch: System Reset