Wednesday 21st November


Today, we've got 12 companies presenting their business innovation on the DIF's global stage!

We've collaborated with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's CE100 programme to devote a day to showcasing startups and their role in disrupting the market and enabling a shift towards a circular economy.

Companies participating in Startup Day will automatically be entered into a competition to win an CE100 Emerging Innovator membership. This is a formal recognition of their innovation by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and provides access to the CE100 network through invite only events and digital tools.

Meet the Startup's below and tune into each of their sessions!

Today's Startups!


Mintfinity: Innovation in Product Labelling to Drive Circular Business Innovation (9:00 GMT)

Adding unique, identifying QR codes to each product item individually with a system that cannot be predicted or hacked, MintFinity proposes to transform the means of shaping customer behaviour.

anything connected

Anything Connected: Smarter Maintenance, Less Waste (10:00 GMT)

Anything Connected has made an internet connected sensor sticker that allows any product to tell you when it will break down, by simply sticking it on the side. The sticker measures several different variables, most unique being electricity consumption, which we can measure wirelessly.


ALDStone: Ground-breaking Circular Solutions for the Built Environment (10:30 GMT)

ALDStone will share their systems including new circular economy inspired business models for building materials, and opportunities to maximise the use of finite resources. Debate pragmatic circular thinking and solutions to help "close the loop".

lettus grow

LettUs Grow: Closed loop cities - Feeding future generation (11:00 GMT)

What if we could close the resource loop on farming? Jack Farmer from LettUs Grow explores the ability of controlled environment agriculture (everything from aeroponics to eating insects) to close resource loops and feed future cities.


Lablaco: Turning Sleeping Clothes into Coins (11:30 GMT)

92 million tonnes of fashion waste is generated worldwide, but only 1% of textiles have been recycled. Watch this session to hear what Lablaco can do. Lablaco is a startup that introduces the first blockchain and AI-powered social marketplace with the aim to make fashion circular.


INTERVAL: Design Solutions for Waste Problems (12:30 GMT)

INTERVAL fills the interval between waste and usefulness through design. The startup applies design in solving waste problems; Either they find new purposes for existing waste materials, or they redesign processes and materials to match future applications.


Newcy: The End of Disposable Cups (14:00 GMT)

Newcy provides robust customisable cups for traditional vending machines and ensure at the same time that a collection system, professional washing and a restocking service is in place.


ClearRoad: Unblocking the Value of Our Roads (14:30 GMT)

Leveraging data from the connected technologies already on board vehicles, rather than traditional and expensive physical tolling infrastructure, means that ClearRoad is able to implement micro-tolling, charging drivers for their actual use of and impact on the road.


Daravi: Making to Give Back (15:00 GMT)

Running a factory with the goal of achieving the triple bottom line, Daravi generates products from discards and empowers women from the community by teaching production processes and creating new job opportunities.


Nairoby: Rethinking the Life of Sports Equipment (15:30 GMT)

Big players in the winter sports equipment industry are deeply committed and making a huge impact on climate change awareness, but the boards used are still being made with inefficient processes, harmful materials and turn into mountains of trash at the end of their life cycle.

Nairoby's challenge is to redesign the industry's linear model and make the whole sports experience circular.


Kaffe Bueno: Unlocking Coffee's Health Potential (16:00 GMT)

Kaffe Bueno is an award winning startup transforming perceptions about what is possible with coffee waste. Using biotechnology innovation, they transform used grounds into valuable and vital ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and even functional foods.

3d printing

3CULAR: Reinventing 3D Printing To Make the Most of Wood (16:30)

3CULAR are reinventing 3D printing, enabling manufacturers to produce any kind of wooden objects out of leftover wood material, increasing resource productivity and diversifying away from plastics as the primary 3D printing material. This innovation enables designers, wood and furniture industries produce wooden objects faster and easier, saving costs and resources.