Thursday 15th November


There's plenty of content out there that highlights some of the macro problems facing us today, but what about the solutions?

The DIF's mission has always been to highlight the stories, ideas and innovations that are driving change towards a positive vision for the economy.

Released today is a film that tells one part of that story in depth - System Reset. Filmed in London, Barcelona and Amsterdam, this exclusive production explores a different future for designing, making and working across the world's cities featuring an array of experts and innovators. It's a must watch.

Meanwhile, at 16:00 GMT, Social Growing founder Carlos Mancilla will share his story of how he has created a fundamentally different business in Chile, and what this might mean for the rest of the world. Finally, the RSA's Josie Warden and Materiom's Alysia Garmulewicz join us in the DIF Studio at 20:00 GMT to talk about a world of abundant materials and universal manufacturing.

Today's Recommended Sessions

The Circular Emergency
Rebecca Ford (RSA), Kevin Shahbazi (Philips Design) & Simon Widmer (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
Live Studio Session at 17:00 GMT


How might we apply circular design principles to an area as critical and complex as emergency healthcare?

This is the big question posed by 'The Circular Emergency', one of this year’s RSA Student Design Awards launched by RSA, Philips Design and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The competition challenges students around the world to tackle the big issues of our time through design thinking.

Abundant Materials and Universal Manufacturing: Future or Fiction?Alysia Garmulewicz (Materiom) & Josie Warden (RSA)
Live Studio Session at 20:00 GMT


Imagine if all of the materials we needed for manufacturing everyday objects were just lying at our feet. Then imagine you had free or cheap access to manufacturing tools and instructions.

Our guests in this live studio session believe that this is not only possible, it is already happening.

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