Monday 19th November


AI, Blockchain and other emerging technologies promise to make it possible to reimagine the way in which we create and work.

Start your day by asking why should you actually care about the future of work in our DIF Film with tech investor, author and speaker Azeem Azhar at the Tate Britain art gallery.

The theme carries through the day including two philosophers asking what it means to be human in an era of artificial intelligence at 12:00 GMT, and Queen of Raw showcasing the opportunity to use blockchain to repurpose what is currently viewed as "deadstock" in the fashion industry.

Today's Recommended Sessions

Using Blockchain to Save Fashion's Dead Stock
Stephanie Benedetto & Corbin Chase (Queen of Raw)
DIF on Air Session at 16:00 GMT


Fashion is the second biggest polluter in the world. One t-shirt takes 700 gallons of water to produce.

Hear how Queen of Raw's blockchain-enabled marketplace could help companies save more than 4 billion gallons of water, and keep more than 2 million tons of textiles out of landfills by 2025, creating a critical link in the chain of the circular economy.

Plastics, Problems, and Possibilities
Mike Werner (Google) & Michael Shaver (University of Edinburgh)
DIF Studio Session at 20:00 GMT


Plastic is a miraculous material that has countless practical uses, and yet it’s the poster child for the wasteful take-make-dispose linear economy. How can we design and use materials that fit the planet, fit the economy, and fit our lifestyles?

Our studio experts will combine cutting-edge research with the latest thinking around material innovation in order to paint a picture of our materials future.

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