Wednesday 7th November


What is the circular economy? Why is it an idea that is increasingly gaining traction today? And what does it mean for the way we design our products, businesses and our cities? During the first day of the DIF, embark on an interactive journey of discovery to understand challenges to the linear economy, what the circular economy is, and how businesses, designers and farmers are beginning to apply the idea.

Meanwhile, Gene Bellinger will encourage the DIF audience to shift their way of thinking about problem solving and award winning teacher Steve Parkinson will show us how computational design can really make it possible to imagien redesigning everything. The day finishes at 20:00 GMT with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation team hosting "The Circular Economy in 30 Minutes".

circular economy

Today's Recommended Sessions

Understanding Through Storytelling
DIF on Air Session with Gene Bellinger
14:00 GMT


As we attempt to develop understanding more often than not we end up believing we have an understanding and then endeavour to convince or sell that understanding to others, typically with rather dismal results.

What if we could create enduring solutions which actually address the situation at hand and not create new problems in the process?

What Is the Future of Making Things?
Live Studio Session with
Steve Parkinson
17:00 GMT

what is the future of making things

The future of making is here. However, design and engineering education in our schools and universities has hardly changed in decades, and often fails to inspire the next generation. Educational practitioner, Steve Parkinson will join us to share experiences of his work on the ground in schools and colleges across the UK.

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