Over the course of the last five years, the DIF's broadcasts have featured industry leaders, innovators and critical thinkers across a range of topics related to the circular economy. Many have been featured in original films created and released exclusively during our events. Have you watched these eight productions? Get up to speed ahead of our latest live sessions on June 13th and 14th.

1. A Flow of Wealth or a Wealth of Flows?

Ken Webster explores why modelling our economy on insights from living systems means we could build an economy that is regenerative by design.

2. The Performance Economy

Watch as Walter Stahel examines why a performance economy would provide a better future for society, the environment and the economy.

3. A Good Disruption

Find out from Martin Stuchtey why advances in AI, 3D printing, biomaterials and many other technologies will disrupt the economy.

4. Amsterdam Exploring the Sharing City

Colin Webster from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explores how Amsterdam has become a hub for the sharing economy, and why sharing will play a huge role in the circular economy.

5. Denmark: Ahead of the Game?

This time in Denmark, Colin Webster shows us how the country is implementing a circular economy, what challenges lie ahead, and how might they overcome them.

6. System Reset

Taking examples from three cities at the heart of circular economy innovation, this film explores the story of change in our economy.

7. Is this the Future of Global Food Systems?

Leontino Balbo Jr has developed an approach to organic sugar cane production that has the potential to disrupt agriculture globally.

8. 3D Ocean Farming

Bren Smith, a shellfish and seaweed farmer, explains the concept of 3D ocean farming.