Thursday 8th November


How can mayors design and build their cities to be affordable, healthy and prosperous in the future? How might we combine the materials focus of the circular economy with the human-centred approach of sustainable development? Can a new approach lead to a better path for the people living and working in the developing markets of Africa and Asia?

We're answering these questions and more today at the DIF starting with Patrick Schroder and Alex Lemille making the connection between the circular economy and human development at 10:00 GMT, including a reflection on the potential for a new development paradigm with Circle Economy CEO Harald Friedl at 11:00 GMT, stories of social innovation from UnSchools alumni network in Latin America at 16:00 GMT, and finally a conversation with ShareNL's Pieter van de Glind and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Miranda Schnitger about where much of this change is most likely to happen - the world's cities - at 17:00 GMT.


Today's Recommended Sessions

If Cities Are the Answer, What Is the Question?
Pieter van de Glind & Miranda Schnitger
DIF Studio Session at 17:00 GMT


Cities are where the opportunities exist. However, they are also where many problems lie: for example, poverty, congestion, air pollution, crime and noise. Cities are also major contributors to climate change.

Urban planners and city mayors around the world are combating a complex set of problems. Our two guests in this session have some thoughts on decisions these mayors can make, and where they can turn for help.

54 Million Kilometres from Home
Lucie Poulet
DIF Studio Session at 20:00 GMT


Our guest in this session, Lucie Poulet, has worked alongside the European Space Agency on MELiSSA: their closed-loop life support system designed for space travel.

She’ll tell us how we can reapply the thinking behind MELiSSA to our planet, since Earth cannot resupply itself within any human timeframe.

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