impact hub

This year, DIF and Impact Hub are collaborating to sketch a positive vision for Central and Eastern Europe and to empower citizens by showcasing initiatives from and for the region through three distinct tracks taking place virtually as part of the DIF's schedule.

The Impact Hub team jointly with WWF and Move.BG will host three themed events on November 13th and November 14th featuring a mix of interactive formats including panels, "worldcafe", workshops and breakout conversations. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with speakers from across the region and to get active in the conversations.

The focus of this collaboration will be on Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Ukraine, but the events are open to anyone who is interested in the topics or the region.

The interactive events will be hosted by a Zoom link, made available via the DIF's session pages. Potential participants are encouraged to register via Eventbrite to help make the interactive elements easier to organise.


Communities Lead Change, 13th November, 9:00-12:00 GMT

In this track, the focus is on the potential to reshape society from the ground up. In Eastern Europe, rural and urban communities are separated economically, socially, technologically and culturally. Outside interventions are unlikely to thrive, and so the key is to create change from within by uniting communities around a common set of values that create lasting positive innovation.

This track is coordinated by Move.BG and WWF. Express your interest and receive forward information from Impact Hub about this track by signing up on this link.

Female Entrepreneurship, 14th November, 9:00-12:00 GMT

What does it mean to be a female entrepreneur in the Central Eastern European region? It will showcase success stories of female founders, discuss the impact and potential of technologies like blockchain to create new opportunities for female entrepreneurs and much more.

What should the future of female entrepreneurship in Central Eastern Europe look like? And how can it positively impact the region as a whole?

This track is coordinated foremost by Impact Hub Budapest and Impact Hub Belgrade. Express your interest and receive forward information from Impact Hub about this track by signing up on this link.

Impact Technology, 14th November, 13:00-15:00 GMT

Technology impacts the environment, people and society as a whole. The way we use technology determines whether its impact is positive or negative. Let’s explore together how to use technology as a tool for positive impact and how to redesign the way we understand it.

We will learn from inspirational stories that show how technology helps us to deal with various issues in the context of Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.

What are the trends, barriers and future of impact technologies?

Join the discussion and shape up a vision of the future of Impact Technology for the region by signing up via this link