Every year, the DIF welcomes contributions from innovators, designers and organisations from around the world. This year, the focus has primarily been on live contributions, but this film, produced by Creative Conscience, an organisation set up by a community for the community to inspire innovation among young people.

This film takes a close look at the different roles that creativity can play in building a positive future and inspiring action towards the circular economy.

Speakers featured in the film:

  • Jonathon Porritt - founder and director, Forum for the Future
  • Paul Barlow - founder and creative director, branding agency L&CO
  • Laura McGonigal - leader of sustainability, Ecover and Method
  • Chrissy Levett - founder and CEO, Creative Conscience
  • Lily Dryden - graphic designer, Creative Conscience winner
  • Ieuan Lewis - graphic designer, Creative Conscience winner

Watch the film in full below.