National and local governments, businesses, entrepreneurs, universities and designers across the world are working on circular economy ambitions and innovations. Pioneering activities are increasingly coming to the fore, but how did they do it? Our three-day September event will feature a series of interviews with people actively involved with the most exciting examples of circular economy innovation. We’ll be asking them: what does it take to turn ideas into action? What was the biggest challenge that they faced and how did they overcome it? What convinced them, and who did they need to convince themselves?

Get the story behind the story by watching the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s DIF September 10th-12th. All sessions will be streamed live at and via the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Youtube channel (don't forget to subscribe).

Be sure to check out the full schedule, but speakers confirmed for next month's event already include:

  • Manuel Albaladejo - Heads the Montevideo-based regional office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) covering Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.
  • Seetal Solanki - Author of the book "Why Materials Matter", founder and director of Ma-tt-er, a materials research design studio.
  • DK Osseo-Asare - Find out how he created a project that skills up young Ghanians, creates entrepreneurial opportunities, and eliminates waste.
  • Marcin Jakubowski - Founder of the Global Village Construction, which provides blueprints for all of the machines and tools you could possibly need to build your own village, at a fraction of the commercial costs.
  • Saskia Goeres - She used the circular economy to systematically redesign the sofa as we know it.

Don't forget that you can still apply to speak at our event in November, applications close on September 20th.