Starting on Monday November 11th and running for one week, watch the latest edition of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF, an interactive online event series that aims to shift mindsets and inspire action towards a circular economy by sharing and exploring disruptive ideas and stories across a range of topics.

We have a packed schedule with sessions starting at 10:00am GMT everyday and running through into the early evening. Explore the full schedule, or sort by your favourite topics.

Here's five sessions not to miss:

1. The bio-conundrum: biobased materials in a circular future (16:00 GMT, Monday 11th November)

Many companies are investing in bio-based supply chains, but biomass can require large volumes of land and nutrients to produce, competing with the same resources that we need to feed 10 billion people. Can natural systems satisfy our demand for energy, materials, and feedstocks in the coming years?

2. The role of learning in the transition to a circular economy (13:00 GMT, Tuesday 12th November)

How we think shapes the world around us, and our ways of thinking are formed through our learning. If we are to adopt a new economic model like the circular economy, we all need to go through a learning journey to explore, understand and ultimately apply a concept that requires new practices and a significant mindset shift.

3. Applied biomimicry (17:00 GMT, Tuesday 12th November)

It is said that for every design problem we face, nature has already solved it. From adhesives that hold underwater and yet separate effortlessly, biodegradable ‘packaging’ solutions, materials that are stronger per inch than steel, to flight itself: we have a lot to learn from the species and living systems that form our world.

4. A new story about the future of fashion (13:00 GMT, Thursday 14th November)

In this session, we will talk about how a new narrative for fashion could shift the customer desire from wanting more to wanting better. Marketers create the desire for fashion. Journalists tell the stories about fashion. How can the creatives from the industry apply circular principles in their narrative to shift their storytelling towards the circular economy?

5. Love Not Landfill and Wear Next: How London and New York aim to make fashion circular (17:00 GMT, Friday 15th November)

Two recent campaigns - Wear Next (New York) and Love Not Landfill (London) - aimed to divert clothes from landfill and encouraged brands and citizens to embrace the new mindset and make our wardrobes really work. They say that whether it’s swapping them, selling them, donating or recycling them, it’s possible to work together to prevent clothing from ever becoming waste. Join this session to find out why these campaigns were set up, how they went and what they learned.

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