Our current food systems is wasteful and polluting - soil quality degradation, fossil fuel dependence and high losses are becoming far too common.

Industrialised food production has been large scale and centralised for well over 100 years now, but there are increasingly worrying signs that this can’t last forever.

A big focus at the DIF this year was food - how we could farm and grow food differently, but also how we can be healthier in what we eat and source from local providers. Food makes up a huge part of our lives, yet there's little thought given to where our food comes from and how we consume.

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Hamilton Henrique on Saladorama

Hamilton Henrique created a social business that provides healthy and accessible food in Brazilian ‘favelas’. It works by creating whole food ecosystems where people in the communities are the main protagonists: from planting and harvesting organic quality food, distributing it in the communities, and preparing delicious healthy dishes. ⠀

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Feeding One-fifth: Circular Food in China

China accounts for one-fifth of the world’s population and feeding that many people is everyone’s matter. For the simple fact of its scale, China plays an important role in the global food system. What it eats and how it eats has far-reaching implications for everybody.⠀

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Will the World Really Run Out of Food?

The world has 60 harvests left. 60 more years of food before our soil quality is diminished to the point of no return. In our zeal to produce more food at low cost, we are stripping nutrients from the soil and undermining our future capacity to grow food. We need a plan for a food system that works.

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Connecting Farmers to Consumers with Made in Farm

Made in Farm is a digital platform that connects the farmer and buyer, generates new business opportunities and enables direct marketing between them. Launched in Brazil in 2017, the platform is already connecting more than 200 producers selling coffee directly to the food service, trades and industries.

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Towards a Better Food System & Live cooking in the DIF kitchen

Our food system is wasteful, nature degrading and hundreds of millions go to bed hungry or get sick through poor diet. How can we shift the system onto a healthier path that will provide future food security? In this session we focused on the perspective of the restaurant, the chef and the broader context of the SDGs.

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