What is an Open Mic?

There are people all over the world moving away from ‘business as usual’ and re-thinking the way things are done. Thousands of innovators are creating new models and processes that contribute to a more regenerative economy –the aim of the Open Mic stage is to provide a platform for these ideas to be shared, discussed and learnt from - to discover new perspectives for mastering everyday challenges.

Suited to individuals and organisations as a team or going solo, you should be prepared to design, promote and facilitate your session while keeping in mind the DIF 2016 overarching themes: System Reset, Regenerative Cities and Future of work. Open Mic events take the form of physical events, live webinars, panel discussions, short videos, podcasts and any other format that is suitable for distribution across the DIF’s channels. 

You can apply to host an Open Mic session from June 15th.

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