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  • Joe Iles, Emma Fromberg, Ross Findon
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What would the world look like if there was mass adoption of the circular economy? How different would our lives be? Would they even change at all? What would our cities look like and how would we experience them? Where does our energy come from? How is our food grown? All these questions and more might be answered in this show.

This DIF Live Studio show is set in the future - 28 months after the worldwide adoption of the circular economy. Our guests will tell us everything we need to know about everything you could possibly want to know! Pitch your questions to them live.


Joe Iles

Joe Iles

Editor in Chief, Circulate

Joe is wonderful with words and helps us draft up our communications messaging. He’s also a regular host on the DIF and coordinated the live stream for the 2018 Summit X DIF

Emma Fromberg

Emma Fromberg

Informal Learning and Smart Material Choices Manager

Emma is a designer by background and is part of the Learning Team of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She is interested in exploring how design can support the transition to a circular economy. At the Foundation she leads informal learning, in which the annual Disruptive Innovation Festival plays a significant role. Besides informal learning, she works within the Circular Design Team on smart material choices and material health.

Ross Findon

Ross Findon

Media and Social Media Manager, Systemic Initiatives, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ross is part of the Digital team, helping to promote the Foundation’s work online; including across its social media accounts.

With more than fifteen years of experience working with local and national media, Ross joined the Foundation to help develop its relationships with external media, as well as its online presence.

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