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How do we farm in a different way? How do we revive ecosystems through our farming methods? These are questions that Bren Smith, shellfish and seaweed farmer, asks himself. During 15 years of hard work, mistakes, and iteration, he created his business with 3D ocean farming.

Watch this DIF session, to find out what is 3D ocean farming, how it works and how it is reinventing business in ocean farming.


Bren Smith

Bren Smith

Bren is a former fisherman turned sustainable shellfish and seaweed farmer and entrepreneur. His company, Thimble Island Oyster Co., operates one of the first sustainable 3D ocean farms in the country. Nestled in the Thimble Islands of Long Island Sound, their 40-acre farm uses the entire water column to grow a variety of species—ranging from sugar kelp and oysters to mussels and scallops—and has emerged as a national model for hyper-local sustainable food production, ocean restoration, and economic development.

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