DIF FIlm How 7D Modelling Can Enable the Circular Economy

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  • Kevin O'Grady, Alex Small, Ahmed Zghari-Sales

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New 7D modelling tools now allow for the integration of multiple workstreams on a common data exchange during design and construction, which enables the real-time calculation of project cost, programme, energy, sustainability, risk and long-term performance.

This session explores how such platforms enables greater transparency in data, contract and payment management – all which are much needed in delivering a circular economy. Speakers will take viewers through the journey of a steel beam to demonstrate how it all works and the benefits in practice.


Kevin O'Grady

Kevin O'Grady

Associate Director

Kevin is an Associate Director in the Airport Development team with over 32 years of international experience managing the full suite of commercial activities and procurement strategies on major capital construction projects. He specialises in digital estimation, parametric assemblies and the calculation of building performance for true data driven value decisions. He is currently a member of the Construction SMART contract committee looking at how latest technologies can improve building performance and inform the circular economy.

Alex Small

Alex Small

BIM & Digital Platforms Manager

Alex Small is the BIM & Digital Platforms manager at Tata Steel Europe. Alex is involved in work for the UK BIM Alliance, BIM4M2, Constructing Excellence, the CPE and Worldsteel and is a keen advocate for structured data, product marking, Offsite/DfMA and an integrated, digital, built environment. Alex is currently developing digital tools and processes that help drive the potential for re-use of products through compentisation and linked data and is now working as an expert for the European Commission on Construction Digital Platforms.

Ahmed Zghari-Sales

Ahmed Zghari-Sales

Chairman, Construction Blockchain Smart Contracts Committee; Co-Founder Helium Blockchain Association

As Chair of the Blockchain and Smart Contracts working group, the team are looking to develop open source tools and processes that will enable the construction sector to speed-up the pace of technology adoption aimed at increasing productivity, reducing waste and opening up data to further encourage technology firms outside the sector to enter and help drive change in this complex, adversarial and largely analogue sector. As Co-founder of the Helium Blockchain Association, the team of blockchain experts will be seeking to make public ledgers running smart contracts accessible to small and medium sized businesses across a number of sectors, from construction to energy delivery.

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