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Forest Gardens are abundant, beautiful, and climate resistant. They are also the new and sustainable way to eat from your garden or allotment. You don't dig, add anything unnatural, and do the minimum weeding or watering. Your produce is mainly perennial - so no need to seed every year either. It's ancient knowledge revived. The National Forest Gardening Scheme aims to bring, individually and collectively, harmony and well being through planting, eating and enjoying Forest Gardens.

They are launching a Forest Garden in a Box: for gardeners, window boxes, schools, community gardens and public parks!


Rosie Frost

Rosie Frost

Project Manager, National Forest Gardening Scheme

Rosie has a background in design, project and event management. She has worked in the world of innovation for 15 years. She has helped develop and iterate lots of brands and products across a wide range of sectors globally. Keen to put her skills to good use when she came across the Forest Garden in a Box scheme from the National Forest Gardening scheme this was a no brainier to get stuck into to help launch. Rosie is a mum of two and is happiest when she is pottering in the garden experimenting with vegetable growing.


Reniera O'Donnell

Reniera O'Donnell

Higher Education Lead

Reniera is the Higher Education Lead, working with Universities and Higher Education Institutions as part of the Learning Team. Reniera's work will focus on growing the Foundation's University network and leveraging the value of taking a whole campus approach across teaching, research, student-led activities, and campus management to support the transition to a circular economy. Reniera's work will also seek to understand and maximise the influential role universities play within their local context and seek ways to better integrate higher education activity across the Foundations key programme areas such as Cities and Governments and the Systemic Initiatives.

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