DIF on AIR Using Blockchain to Save Fashion's Dead Stock

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  • Stephanie Joy Benedetto, Corbin Chase

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Are you naked right now? You’re not because you’re using fabric. It's everywhere. It’s where it’s supposed to be, covering things, like us. And it’s where it’s not supposed to be, sitting in warehouses, waiting to be burned or buried.

And that wasted fabric is destroying your drinking water. One tee shirt takes 700 gallons of water to produce. It's the second biggest polluter in the world.

Watch this session to find out how Queen of Raw's blockchain-enabled marketplace and supply chain tools could help factories to sell $120 billion dollars worth of excess fabric to brands and creators. Hear how Queen of Raw could help companies save more than four billion gallons of water and keep more than 2M tons of textiles out of landfills by 2025, creating a critical link in the chain of the circular economy.


Stephanie Joy Benedetto

Stephanie Joy Benedetto

CEO & CO-Founder

Corporate attorney turned fashion tech entrepreneur, Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Queen of Raw (Techstars '18), a two-sided marketplace that brings raw material back to life by giving the factories that overproduce it and the brands that overpurchase it a place to recapture its value. Stephanie is a NASA/NIKE/IKEA/DELL LAUNCH.org Innovator, was nominated as a Founder to Watch by Women 2.0, and was a Finalist for the WeWork Creator Awards, Rent the Runway/UBS Project Entrepreneur, and the $1M Verizon Powerful Answers Award. She serves as co-host on Material Is Your Business podcast.

Corbin Chase

Corbin Chase

Creative Director Queen of Raw

Corbin Chase is the Creative Director of Queen of Raw, an online platform for recapturing the value of excess raw materials while keeping them out of landfill. He specialises in producing brand collaborations (Nicole Miller, Urban Outfitters, Gigi Burris) and educating the fashion community in New York and around the world on sustainable resources. He was the youngest speaker at SXSW discussing advances in sustainability through applying technology to the supply chain. Fresh off strategising how to save raw materials with the LA Textile community, he is excited to continue building solutions and growing awareness on responsible production and ethical sourcing in tomorrow's world.


Molly Marshall

Molly Marshall

Digital Content Producer

Molly is part of the digital team at the Foundation and works on producing content throughout the year including assets, videos, graphics and visuals. Molly joined the Foundation as a DIF intern in 2016 and still helps coordinate content for the DIF, which mainly includes video content.

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