DIF Studio Abundant Materials and Universal Manufacturing: Future or Fiction?

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  • Alysia Garmulewicz, Josie Warden

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Imagine if all of the materials we needed for manufacturing everyday objects were just lying at our feet. Then imagine you had free or cheap access to manufacturing tools, and that we all openly shared the instructions for manufacturing with a worldwide audience.

Our guests in this live studio show say that this is not only possible, it is already happening. And, they argue, open source production, access to the means of production, and the sharing of knowledge about locally-abundant materials has the ability to transform our economy from one that is wasteful and centrally-controlled, to one that can be regenerative by design.


Alysia Garmulewicz

Alysia Garmulewicz

Founder of Materiom & Associate Professor of the Circular Economy

Alysia is a founder and director of Materiom, an open platform for biomaterial recipes made from locally abundant ingredients and an Associate Professor of the Circular Economy at the Facultad de Administración y Economía, Universidad de Santiago de Chile. She is also an Associate Fellow at the CABDyN Complexity Centre, Saïd Business School, at the University of Oxford. Alysia researches digital fabrication and the circular economy, with a particular focus on open data and biomaterials for local production.

Josie Warden

Josie Warden

Senior Researcher in the Economy team, RSA

Josie Warden is a Senior Researcher in the Economy team at the RSA. Originally trained as a textile designer her work has explored design for the circular economy, community owned business, and is currently focused on the potential for urban manufacturing to contribute to inclusive and sustainable cities.


Joe Iles

Joe Iles

Editor in Chief, Circulate

As Editor in Chief of Circulate, Joe’s role is to help deliver leading commentary, news and case studies on the circular economy. Joe is also Digital Architect at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and inputs on a range of programmes with an online element.

Joe’s role at the DIF is to help us draft up our communications messaging and give editorial sign off. He’s also a regular host on the DIF and coordinated the live stream for the 2018 Summit X DIF.

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