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It is said that for every design problem we face, nature has already solved it. From adhesives that hold underwater and yet separate effortlessly, biodegradable ‘packaging’ solutions, materials that are stronger per inch than steel, to flight itself: we have a lot to learn from the species and living systems that form our world.

The study and application of nature’s solutions is known as biomimicry, and we have two experts in the field joining us in this session. Find out how Richard MacCowan from Biomimicry UK is using the practice to inform the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology, and how Veronika Kapsali of University of Arts London uses biomimicry in her textiles work.


Veronika Kapsali

Veronika Kapsali

Reader in Materials Technology and Design, London College of Fashion

Veronika is a Reader in Material Technology and Design at LCF where she is developing novel biomimetic approaches to design and innovation of Active Material Systems. Her interdisciplinary research intersects biology, material engineering and textile design.

Veronika is the co-founder and Director of Research and Innovation at MMT Textiles Limited. Her invention INOTEK TM ,is an award winning biomimetic textile platform that draws on ambient moisture to trigger reversible mechanical changes in the fabric structure. Veronika is also a bestselling author in industrial design studies and consults extensively with private and public organisations in circular design, material science, textile technology and functional apparel.

Richard James MacCowan

Richard James MacCowan

Founder + Managing Director, Biomimicry Innovation Lab

Richard is the Founder + Managing Director Biomimicry Innovation Lab, and the CEO of Smart Stable Limited, an equine technology startup. Alongside this, he is a visiting lecturer in Biomimicry and Strategic Product Design at the International Hellenic University. Richard sits on the advisory board of LSW Hotels and Post Harvest Ventures in Uganda.

With a background in human behaviour, real estate development and urban design, Richard has worked across many sectors around the world and given keynote presentations to many leading organisations. He is currently involved with the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, focusing on new strategies for manufacturing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Richard’ links to the circular economy are via the Circular Economy Club, where he leads the team in York and mentors startups. Based in York, Richard enjoys spending time with wife and two young boys, watching films and running.


Sebastian Egerton-Read

Sebastian Egerton-Read

DIF Programme Manager and Social Media Manager

Seb is one of the two Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF Managers. He makes sure the DIF’s content reaches the right people on a global scale through resourceful and creative marketing. He also feeds into the DIF's long-term strategy. When Seb isn’t working on the DIF, he’s busy managing the Foundation’s social media accounts and producing regular content across platforms as well as writing for Circulate news.

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