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There are clear and measurable benefits to remanufacturing, so why does it appear to be a practice stuck in a niche? Our guest in this show will tell us that remanufacturing has the potential to triple in size by 2050, and how it can allow us to make better design, material and energy choices in the future.

Judging an economy’s success via conventional economic growth is an idea that has long been criticised, but no alternative approach has gained enough widespread appeal. Our guest in this live show will argue that we should stop trying to enlarge the economy, and try to "make ourselves at home with this wealth" we have created instead. What would that look like, how would we implement it, how do we make sure that everyone is included this time and perhaps more importantly, how do we convince policymakers?


David Fitzsimons

David Fitzsimons

Director of the European Remanufacturing Council

Director of the European Remanufacturing Council since January 2017, David is an alumnus of London Business School. He represents the Council at Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 meetings and promotes remanufacturing to EU member states through the "Virtuous Circles" events led by DG ENV. His interest in China’s unique policy positioning resulted in the Council hosting delegations in Brussels and in the signing of Memoranda of Understanding at the same time as those agreed between the Chinese Government and the EU.

Katherine Trebeck

Katherine Trebeck

Policy and Knowledge Lead at the Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Katherine is the Policy and Knowledge Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. She has over eight years’ experience in various roles with Oxfam GB - as a Senior Researcher for the Global Research Team, UK Policy Manager, and Research and Policy Advisor for Oxfam Scotland. Katherine instigated the group of Wellbeing Economy Governments; developed Oxfam's Humankind Index; and led Oxfam's work on a 'human economy'. She was Rapporteur for Club de Madrid's Working Group on Shared Societies and Sustainability and sits on a range of advisory groups, including for the Centre for Understanding Sustainable Prosperity and the Omina Foundation.

Katherine has Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Politics and holds a PhD in Political Science from ANU. She is Honorary Professor at the University of the West of Scotland and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde. Her most recent book The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a Grown Up Economy (co-authored with Jeremy Williams) was published in January 2019.


Joe Iles

Joe Iles

Editor in Chief, Circulate

As Editor in Chief of Circulate, Joe’s role is to help deliver leading commentary, news and case studies on the circular economy. Joe is also Digital Architect at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and inputs on a range of programmes with an online element.

Joe’s role at the DIF is to help us draft up our communications messaging and give editorial sign off. He’s also a regular host on the DIF and coordinated the live stream for the 2018 Summit X DIF.

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