DIF Studio Biomimicry: Systems That Work…and Lessons We Can Learn

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  • Janine Benyus, Michael Pawlyn

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Journalist Ali Velshi is joined by two guests to learn more about the world of biomimicry - a design concept where solutions to problems are created by sourcing inspiration from nature’s 3.8 billion years of R&D.

Watch this video to find out what biomimicry is, what makes it such a valuable approach today and to discover more about some of the most cutting edge examples already in practice today.


Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In Biomimicry, she names an emerging discipline that emulates nature’s designs and processes (e.g., solar cells that mimic leaves) to create a healthier, more sustainable planet. Since the book’s 1997 release, Janine has evolved the practice of biomimicry, consulting with businesses and conducting seminars about what we can learn from the genius that surrounds us. Her favourite role is Biologist-at-the-Design-Table, introducing innovators to 3.8 billion years of brilliant, time-tested solutions.

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn

Michael Pawlyn established Exploration Architecture in 2007 to focus on designing high performance buildings and solutions for the circular economy. The company has developed a ground-breaking office project, an ultra-low energy data centre, a zero waste textiles factory, and progressive solutions for green cities.

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