DIF on AIR Can Solar Farms Help Save the Bees?

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  • Rob Davis, Laura Caspari

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One of humanity’s best and hardest-working friends has existed with us for millions of years, so why is our friend suddenly facing the risk of death and what space-race technology can help prevent it? Highlighted by the U.S. Department of Energy, Scientific American, Modern Farmer, and National Geographic, Rob Davis reveals an unexpected and once-in-a-generation size opportunity to help our hardworking friends. Could a system that nourishes and enriches life on Earth also increase economic prosperity?


Rob Davis

Rob Davis

Director, Center for Pollinators in Energy

As director of Center for Pollinators in Energy at Fresh Energy, Rob helps accelerate the transition to use of clean and renewable energy. Davis’ work on pollinator-friendly solar has been featured in Scientific American and Solar Power World, in training by the U.S. Dept. of Interior’s National Conservation Training Center and to Electric Power Resource Institute (EPRI) member utilities. Previously, Davis helped launch technology start-ups and created the international crowdsourced campaign that launched the Firefox web browser.

Laura Caspari

Laura Caspari

Director of Origination

As Director of Origination for Engie Distributed Solar, Laura Caspari has continually pursued progressive ways to identify new business models and find greater efficiency across the company to expand the use of solar in various markets. Previously, Caspari managed the design and construction of new projects for the Lincoln Park Zoo and developed wind energy projects in the U.S. and Australia. Caspari grew up outside of Melbourne, Australia and holds a B.S. from Monash University in conservation biology and environmental science/geography.


Bledar Beqiri

Bledar Beqiri

DIF Intern

Bledar is ½ of the DIF intern team. He has an academic background in Business and Economics, with specialisations in Sustainable Management and International Strategic Management. Bledar also has experience in environmental auditing and has most recently represented the UNDP in Sweden as an advocate for the Global Goals.

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