DIF FIlm Circular Agriculture at Small Scale: An Open Lab

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  • Erik Dalhuijsen, Jose Luis Peraza Cano, Michal Mos
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A small livestock farm, which produces advanced fertiliser, grows floating islands which feed ducks, supports aquaponics gutters, a tilapia tank, and delivers clean water in the end (for re-use and irrigation) all as a single system, operating on a space of around 1000m2, with practically closed water and nutrient cycles.

This is not just a cute educational awareness-raising facility, but a model for small (village) scale implementation, a research lab (and pilot) for revolutionising the energy-intensive practices of modern sewage treatment, and a spotlight on the nutrient cycle of waste treatment - essential for future food availability. Sound novel? This facility functioned 15 years ago! We're restoring it - with upgraded data gathering - to make the findings public knowledge. Watch this film to find out more.


Erik Dalhuijsen

Erik Dalhuijsen

Principal Engineer Circular

Thirty years in the fields of physics (MSc), computing, petroleum engineering and sustainable developments; mainly on highly integrated complex projects in the Petroleum Industry in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, with technical, practical and people focus. From 2014 broadened to climate change advocacy through AberdeenClimateAction.org, and also looking to apply our vast global knowledge in the field and cause of sustainability and limiting climate change, using his industrial experience. An avid ocean sailor, based in Scotland and Spain.

Jose Luis Peraza Cano

Jose Luis Peraza Cano

Principal Technical Advisor

As an independent researcher and technical specialist in renewable energies and natural resource management, he has been designing and implementing projects for natural resource management for over 30 years, including many wastewater treatment installations for both farms and human agglomerations. His particular interest in the water-nutrient cycle has also led to research projects on wastewater treatment and energy use, and has taught various courses on sewage management. Based Canary Islands, Spain.

Michal Mos

Michal Mos

Research Coordinator

Dr Michal Mos has worked in the agricultural sector from 2004, starting work on energy grasses in 2008 with his PhD at Aberystwyth University (“Senescence process in Miscanthus species”). He is a commercial expert on the development of miscanthus for bioenergy, has worked as product developer at Blankney Estates (2012-15) playing a crucial role in a ‘seed/plugs’ development system for Miscanthus hybrids. From 2015 joined Terravesta, the EU’s largest ‘Miscanthus’ company to lead the R&D department, and in 2018 re-established his polish plant/microbe biotech company Energene Ltd.

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