DIF FIlm Circular Economy in India: Scaling Innovation

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  • Mani Vajipey, Raj Madangopal, Mr. Sumit Shah

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This session on ‘Scaling Circular Innovation in Linear Ecosystems’ is part three of a four part series on circular economy in India. Through a series of interviews, three leading start-ups in India – ZoomCar, BoHeCo, and Banyan Nation, will share insights on the challenges they face in scaling their circular innovations in an ecosystem that is built to support linear economy models. We will analyse the supportive adaptation required from the rest of the ecosystem – including government, industry and financial stakeholders – that can facilitate the rapid scaling and mainstreaming of their work.


Mani Vajipey

Mani Vajipey

CEO, Banyan Nation

Seasoned business and technology professional. Prior to Banyan, Mani was with Qualcomm Inc. involved in the design, development, testing and commercialisation activities of mobile technologies. Mani holds dual MBAs from UC Berkeley (Haas) and Columbia Business Schools, an MS Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Delaware and a BTech Electrical Engineering from NIT, Warangal.

Raj Madangopal

Raj Madangopal

COO Banyan Nation

RAJ MADANGOPAL, COO, Banyan Nation Technologist with global experience. Prior to Banyan, Raj worked at Voltari Corp. building teams, architecting technical solutions, designing, developing, and driving customer experience for $100Million+ products with 10Million+ customers. He holds an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Mr. Sumit Shah

Mr. Sumit Shah

Co-Founder; Director, Operations & BOHECO Textile

Sumit ensures seamless logistics for our hemp raw material and products, from farmers and artisans, to urban markets. He promotes efficient permaculture techniques for cultivation and post-harvest handling. Sumit oversees ground operations and works to improve our supply chain from warehousing to e-commerce shipments. He heads the Hempcrete division of the company’s R&D wing, which explores the use of Industrial Hemp as a green building material.

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