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The Circular Economy within the retail sector is a complex and diverse challenge, but also provides a wealth of exciting opportunities for design and innovation. This has prompted Cranfield University and the University of Exeter, two pioneer universities of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to collaborate on a two-day hackathon event exploring ‘Circular Retail’. This video showcases the journey and outcomes developed by the students from each institution and presents their newly conceived circular retail ideas.


Cranfield University

Cranfield University

This DIF Film was produced by MBA students of the University of Exeter and Mdes Design students of Cranfield University. During the Hackathon, the two groups of students were mixed up and split into six teams and asked to develop circular retail solutions over 2 days using tools from the circular design guide.

Cranfield University is a post-graduate institution that is specialises in delivering cutting edge academic, industry led research. Their postgraduate programme, trains forward thinking professionals with the ability to integrate creativity and design thinking in the business functions of management, engineering, communication and commerce. Cranfield has an expertise is in aerospace, energy and power, manufacturing, transport systems, and are leading pioneering research in strategic creativity, the Circular Economy, and breakthrough innovation, integrating educational and research activities to develop new commercial practices.

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