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  • Laurent Auguste, Mr. Prabhat Pani, Sarah Roberts, Sandy Rodger

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A $25 billion market in India alone, the Circular Sanitation Economy presents the opportunity today to activate the biological waste system - leveraging the assets of biological toilet resources, together with other organic waste feedstocks, for the production of biogas, organic fertilisers, proteins, water
and more - in high demand in a resource constrained world.

Day 2 of the Toilet Board Coalition’s 2018 Virtual Summit, 20th November, focuses mainly on the Circular Sanitation Economy, plus a session on investment. It introduces Veolia as the Toilet Board Coalition’s newest member who are now playing a leading role in the Circular Sanitation Economy elements of our work. It also launches our report on the Sanitation Economy in agriculture, work done with Tata and the Ethical Tea Partnership applying the Circular Sanitation Economy in India. New commitments will be announced from several of the contributors.

Agenda (times shown in GMT):

10:00-10:30: Laurent Auguste, Veolia and Sandy Rodger, Toilet Board Coalition.

Transformation to a biological waste, resource system and the “New Grid” for effective, profitable sanitation systems of the future.

11:00-11:30: Prabhat Pani (Tata) Sarah Roberts) (Ethical Tea Partnership), and Sandy Rodger (Toilet Board Coalition).

Circular sanitation economy in agriculture

12:00-12:30: Pascale Guiffant (Toilet Board Coalition), Johann Clere (Veolia), Andrew Foote (Sanivation) and David Auerbach (Sanergy).

Business models for the circular sanitation economy.


Laurent Auguste

Laurent Auguste

Senior Executive Vice President Development Innovation & Markets, Veolia

Laurent Auguste is Senior Executive Vice President Development Innovation & Markets and member of the Executive Committee of Veolia since 2013. He started his career in 1991 as a consultant in Japan. He joined Veolia in 1995 in France and then. After an initial positioning in Shanghai, he founded and led Veolia’s water activity in Korea in 1999 and in Japan in 2002. From 2008 to 2013, he was Executive Vice President for the Americas. He graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (engineering school).

Mr. Prabhat Pani

Mr. Prabhat Pani

Tata Water Mission, Tata Trusts

Mr. Prabhat Pani is associated with Tata Trusts since January 2016 as Project Director - Tata Water Mission. His role is to coordinate efforts at reaching potable and sanitation-linked water to select but sizeable pockets of economically deprived sections in rural and semi-urban India, working in collaboration with the Government, other Foundations and corporates, and harness technology by collaborating with research-focused institutions.

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

Executive Director, Ethical Tea Partnership Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)

Executive Director, Sarah Roberts is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation, its monitoring and capacity building programmes, relationships with certification schemes, stakeholder engagement and the development and expansion of the initiative.

Sandy Rodger

Sandy Rodger

Chief Operations Officer, Toilet Board Coalition

Sandy joined the Toilet Board Coalition in 2016 to has lead its Circular Economy work. He developed the Circular Sanitation Economy model, which can improve health and achieve economic and environmental gains, by building working biological and water cycles, in the process creating multiple business opportunities. From January 2018 Sandy will broaden this leadership role by becoming the Toilet Board Coalition’s Chief Operating Officer.

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