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50% of inner-city land is devoted to mobility - just think of all the space take up by roads and parking spaces. Office buildings are used only 35-40% of the time. Cities are often polluted, noisy and congested...yet there are many reasons that people love to live there. Our guests in this live show believe they know how to make cities cleaner, safer, and more productive.


Miranda Schnitger

Miranda Schnitger

Cities Project Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Miranda leads research exploring circular economy opportunities in cities, looking at major urban systems and the benefits that a circular economy lens can bring to cities. She previously worked in the Foundation's CE100 team on insights and collaboration, with a focus on pre-competitive innovation across the network of businesses, government and cities, innovators and thought leaders to realise circular economy ambitions faster.

Prior to the Foundation, Miranda has worked as a policy advisor at the EU and HM Treasury, and in a range of roles at social enterprises, charities and a design business.

Maja Johannessen

Maja Johannessen

Research Analyst

Maja joined the Foundation in July 2015 to support the development of the Institutions, Governments & Cities programme. She is currently working on a project that aims to identify the circular economy opportunities in cities and supports the Foundation’s engagement with international policy institutions - e.g. as a member of the Coordination Group of the European Commission’s European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform initiative. During her time in the Foundation she also managed the relationships of the governmental members of the CE100 network and led a capacity building programme for business support organisations.


Ashima Sukhdev

Ashima Sukhdev

Government & Cities Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ashima leads the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Gov & Cities Programme, which focuses on supporting public bodies – at the national, regional, and municipal level – in setting the right enabling conditions for the transition to a circular economy, initiating regional innovation initiatives and circular demonstrator projects, and strengthening the local SME community. She is constantly evolving the programme, striving for the most catalytic activities and expanding the global reach. Ashima joined the Foundation in March 2015 as a Project Manager for the report “Growth Within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe”, where she was responsible for coordination between key stakeholders, content development and review, report production, and communication efforts for the report.

Prior to joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Ashima worked with the Strategy & Operations group of Deloitte Consulting in New York, focused on the Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries.

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