DIF Studio Closing The Loop On Plastic Packaging - Where Are We?

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  • Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand, PhD, Mats Linder

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The New Plastics Economy initiative has a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics starting with packaging.

A lot has happened since the launch of the initiative in 2016. In this session, we provide an overview of the incredible journey so far, and reveal why we might be right at the tipping point.

This video is subtitled into Portuguese, Spanish and English thanks to Andrea Pilenso Siqueira, Abigail Orocio and Bledar Beqiri.

The video shown above is an abbreviated version of an interview that took place on November 20th. Want to watch the conversation in full? Watch it here:


Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand, PhD

Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand, PhD

Research Analyst, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Sara is a plastics expert working for the Ellen MacArthur Foundations within its New Plastics Economy initiative - a three-year initiative to build momentum towards a plastics system that works. Sara works with stakeholders from across industry to rethink and redesign the future of plastics.

Prior to joining the Ellen MacArthur foundation in March 2018, Sara obtained her PhD in Polymer Physics at the Technical University of Denmark. Here she worked on connecting the micro-structure of solid and liquid polymers to their macroscopic mechanical properties. She has a background in Chemical and Biochemical engineering and has studied in Denmark, Zürich, Canada and Belgium.

Mats Linder

Mats Linder

A chemist by training, Mats first heard about circular economy in 2013 and has since been passionate about understanding and advancing the concept. He joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in late 2014 and has led the innovation programme within New Plastics Economy initiative, which included setting up and running the 2017 Innovation Prize funded by Wendy Schmidt. Since his recent move to Stockholm, he now supports the EMF as a freelance consultant.


Colin Webster

Colin Webster

Learning Content Manager

Colin is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Learning Content Manager. He manages content in the DIF's Live Studio, ensuring that we have a great mix of brilliant people armed with interesting topics. He also directed this year's DIF documentary, System Reset.

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