DIF Studio Closing the loop: the European Circular Economy Package

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In 2015, the European Circular Economy Package came into force. A significant piece of legislation that has accelerated the transition to a circular economy in Europe and beyond.

Tune into this session if you’re interested in understanding how the package came about, what it contains and the impacts hereof. Join also the discussion on what the next steps could be as the European Commission takes seat this fall.


Emmanuelle Maire

Emmanuelle Maire

European Commission, Directorate general for the Environment, Head of Unit ‘Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption’

Emmanuelle Maire works at the European Commission in Brussels, in the Directorate general for Environment (DG ENV). She heads the team responsible for Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption. The core activity of the team is to support the transition to a circular and green economy in the European Union.

She held several positions before that with the European Commission, being Head of unit for multilateral environmental cooperation (2015-2018), and Head of Unit for the EU Internal market in aviation (2010-2015). Prior to that, between 2001 and 2010, she was a desk officer in the field of competition law, preparing the European Commission decisions on the permissibility of state aid to airlines. She was as a member of the EU aviation team that negotiated the first 'Open skies' agreement between the European Union and the United States. She also assisted the Director of Air Transport in the general coordination of European aviation.

Emmanuelle Maire graduated in political science and international relations from the Universities of Grenoble and Paris-Panthéon Sorbonne in France, studied political science in Germany and holds a European Masters degree from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.


Jocelyn Bleriot

Jocelyn Bleriot

Executive Lead Institutions, Governments & Cities

Jocelyn Blériot, executive officer of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, has an academic background drawing focus on literature, philosophy, and sociology. Having spent most of his career in the media industry as a journalist and editor, he notably develops written and video content, coordinates the production of reports and edits books produced by Ellen MacArthur Foundation Publishing. He represented the Foundation on the European Resource Efficiency Platform (European Commission) and manages the relationship with EU institutions.

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