DIF on AIR ColaborAmerica X DIF - Stage 2 Takeover

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  • Perfeito Fortuna, Nony, Maria Paz Cigaran, Weber Amaral , Giuliana Ortega

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We'll be streaming live from ColaborAmerica, one of the biggest festivals of new economies in Latin America which discusses innovation, technology and alternative models of economy.
Stay tuned as we takeover their Stage 2 to bring you sessions around our 2018 key topics, Cities in Transition and Materials & Design.

Sessions include:

Festivals on Collaborative Culture and Positive Transformation Around the World - Perfeito Fortuna, Nony, Maria Paz Cigaran, Eliana Sousa, Daniel Strickland (17:00 GMT)

Five different festivals, with mixed approaches and from various places across the world, celebrate and share the culture of collaboration. A dialogue on positive socio-environmental transformation platforms that use creativity and purpose as a force for cultural transformation. Each one in its own way, with its own theories of change and distinct networks, to better understand how to work together in an innovative way in the twenty-first century.

Circularity in Fashion in Brasil - Weber Amaral, Giuliana Ortega (18:00 GMT)

The Brazilian fashion sector represents 6% of the country's GDP (source: ABIT) and has great social and economic relevance for small, medium and large companies. Precisely because of its impact, fashion also has great potential to leverage the changes we need to implement towards a sustainable model. It's time to rethink fashion and move towards a new model. But how circular is the fashion industry in Brazil?

Main Stage Takeover - 14:00-17:00 GMT - Session Page


Perfeito Fortuna

Perfeito Fortuna

President, Fundição Progresso

Perfeito is an actor and cultural agitator, and creator of Circo Voador and Fundição Progresso. In this role, Perfeito develops several projects related to culture, environment, valorisation of indigenous culture and business of social impacts.

Maria Paz Cigaran

Maria Paz Cigaran

CEO, Libelula

Maria is co-founder/CEO of Libélula, a B Corp whose mission is to foster a community of transformation (the +1 community) to help the world change its course towards a 0 emissions, 0 waste, 0 poverty and healthy ecosystems one. With 17 years of experience in climate change, she have been lucky to meet people from all over the world, serving as a public officer; climate change negotiator and expert, and as purpose driven business woman. Board Director at L+1 (CEOs for sustainability), CCAP & Sistema B Peru.

Weber Amaral

Weber Amaral

Professor, Universidade de Sao Paulo

University professor, Entrepreneur and small rural producer.

Giuliana Ortega

Giuliana Ortega

Executive Director, C&A Foundation

Giuliana Ortega holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of São Paulo, a postgraduate degree in global governance management from the Inwent / German Development Institute and a master's degree in sustainability and social responsibility from the Ashridge Business School.

Giuliana has been in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability since 2002. Giuliana has been with the C&A Foundation since 2010, and led the supplier and sustainability auditing areas until 2015, when she became the director of the C&A Institute.

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