DIF on AIR Connecting Farmers to Consumers: The Sharing Economy and Digital

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Made in Farm is a digital platform that connects the farmer and buyer, generates new business opportunities and enables direct marketing between them. It's an innovation that creates a safe and reliable environment bringing producers closer to those seeking quality products.

Launched in Brazil in 2017, the platform is already connecting more than 200 producers selling coffee directly to the food service, trades and industries.

Join this session to hear the story from the founders themselves and to understand the potential of digital technology to enable distributed food production.


Cristiane Lourenço

Cristiane Lourenço

Head of Food Chain Relations in Bayer Brazil

Cristiane Lourenço holds a Public Relations degree from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge. She has extensive experience managing projects in countries such as Brazil, India, USA and UK. Before joining Bayer, she worked for five years with Sustainability and Innovation at Unilever.
At Bayer, Cristiane is responsible for developing and implementing partnerships with industries, supermarkets and consumers. Cristiane is also a university professor of Sustainability, Innovation and Shared Value in São Paulo.


Leo Nutter

Leo Nutter

Learning Innovation Coordinator

Leo has a background in Environmental Science, and has been with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as Learning Innovation Coordinator for over 2 years. In this his 3rd Disruptive Innovation Festival, Leo is overseeing global university engagement and the collection of key performance metrics.

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