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If we've known about all things Circular Economy for decades, why has adoption into policy and business practice taken much longer? Businesses in Australia have been driving the change, but now the landscape is changing as new policy frameworks are being developed by state governments). When collaboration is key, in this session Mel Edwards interviews leading researchers at University Technology Sydney (UTS) to find out how we might encourage a common approach, within and across industries, to transition to a circular economy.


Melissa Edwards

Melissa Edwards

Senior Lecturer

Melissa is a senior lecturer at the UTS Business School where she specialises in sustainable business teaching and research. For the past three years she curated the UTS ‘Big Top Tent’ at the Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) and in 2016 she hosted a ‘Tear-Down circular design hack as part of the ReMix Festival where she has worked with professionals and entrepreneurs from a range of industry sectors. She teaches modules on the Circular Economy and Circular Design in the Business School postgraduate programs and as part of a ‘Creativity and Complexity’ Summer School in the BCII.

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