DIF on AIR Creating Circular Economy Products Using Cradle to Cradle® Design

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  • Brendon Rowen, Lyndsey Packham, Roger Gray

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For a circular economy to flourish and be truly effective, we must create healthy, high quality materials that are fully assessed for toxic or harmful components, eliminate these and design entire product re-use and clear take-back strategies.

This session will show how Cradle to Cradle® Design (C2C) plays a critical role within the framework of a circular economy using a variety of historic and current examples, and showcasing examples of new C2C ready products, and their development from conception to market entry.


Brendon Rowen

Brendon Rowen

Company Director

Co-Founder of Cradle to Cradle® Marketplace, the world’s first global online consumer facing & B2B portal specialising in providing access to C2C Certified, Circular Economy ready Products and Services.

As Director, I steer our Cradle to Circular Design Consultancy, offering bespoke consultancy and partnering with government organisations, businesses, manufacturers and individuals in Cradle to Cradle® centric process and product design for implementation in support of global Circular Economy strategies and initiatives.

Lyndsey Packham

Lyndsey Packham

Founder, Wonderkin Products Ltd

Lyndsey Packham is owner and founder of Wonderkin Products Ltd, the innovative company behind the revolutionary Wonder Wean baby food tool. Lyndsey’s commitment to reducing plastic waste, her practical approach and keen business acumen is defined by the efforts in creating this disruptive innovation.

Roger Gray

Roger Gray

Design Director, The Imagination Factory

Roger is the Design Director of The Imagination Factory, an industrial and creative design agency and has spent the last 18 years working both in industry and consultancy. He is lead technical designer for the Wonder Wean baby food tool and together with Lyndsey and his team have developed and created the innovative, stylish human centred design of the Wonder Wean.


Bledar Beqiri

Bledar Beqiri

DIF Intern

Bledar is ½ of the DIF intern team. He has an academic background in Business and Economics, with specialisations in Sustainable Management and International Strategic Management. Bledar also has experience in environmental auditing and has most recently represented the UNDP in Sweden as an advocate for the Global Goals.

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