DIF FIlm Data, People and Stories: Innovations on the Boundaries

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  • Himanshu Panday, Priyanka Bharti, Bishakh Bhattacharya
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The technology to analyse large data is improving every day. Despite these improvements, generated insights deviate heavily from ground reality in developing economies due to the void of high resolution, better quality data. Access to improved data source results in prioritised interventions and optimal decision making towards the circular economy and sustainable development. However, developing economies are facing challenges of cost, method and technology to ensure improved data. This session will utilise three technological experiments regarding healthier cities, river pollution and better disease management to discuss a framework of innovation in design, business and narration of improved SDG data collection. The discussion will also include the implication of these tools in the future of our economy by inspiring large-scale behavioural change through contextualised probes/nudges.


Himanshu Panday

Himanshu Panday

SDG Innovator

Himanshu is an SDG innovator working on the boundary of design and engineering. Himanshu's research focuses on how to bring large-scale behavioural change with data. He is a fellow of Young Sustainable Impact and founding batch alumni of UNLEASH.

Priyanka Bharti

Priyanka Bharti

Design Researcher

Priyanka is a design researcher who enquires probes within cognition and visuals. She is an award-winning designer and researcher. Her contemporary research interests include behavioural nudge and sustainable development.

Bishakh Bhattacharya

Bishakh Bhattacharya


Prof. Bishakh Bhattacharya is currently the head of cognitive sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. His research team has been leading efforts in innovating new generation technological tool for parametric data collection.

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