DIF Studio Deep Learning: How Will It Change Our Lives?

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  • ​Jeremy Howard, Rand Hindi

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Jeremy Howard & Rand Hindi, both at the forefront of developments and challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), look at how life-changing machine learning will actually be.


​Jeremy Howard

​Jeremy Howard

Jeremy Howard is an entrepreneur, business strategist, developer, and educator. Jeremy is a founding researcher at fast.ai, a research institute dedicated to making deep learning more accessible. He is also a Distinguished Research Scientist at the University of San Francisco, a faculty member at Singularity University.

Rand Hindi

Rand Hindi

Rand Hindi is the founder and CEO of Snips, one of the first AI voice platforms for connected devices that offers privacy by design. Hindi was named a TR35 by MIT Technology Review, a Forbes "30 under 30" and is member of the French Digital Council where he leads the "AI and Jobs" taskforce.

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