DIF on AIR Circular IKEA: Meeting Design and the Customer

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  • Melissa Ciardullo, Per Stoltz, Caroline Reid

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IKEA joins the DIF to speak about the 9 design principles for circularity and how the company implements them in the product development process. Adjacent services and new business models are presented when IKEA meets customers in a circular way.


Melissa Ciardullo

Melissa Ciardullo

Circular Product Development Leader, IKEA​

Melissa is a circular design expert at IKEA. She supports global IKEA business teams find the unique opportunities for the development of new products to be a part of the circular economy. Melissa is a curious disruptor, with over 10 years experience within the sustainability sector spanning across three continents. She is constantly connecting the dots between strategies, products, ideas, trends and movements for a more sustainable, more balanced life at home. We need to work together to implement the circular economy, to find the interconnectedness between humankind, nature, business and industry.

Per Stoltz

Per Stoltz

Resource and Waste Leader, IKEA

Per contributes to IKEA Circular agenda by developing internal capabilities needed for meeting the customers in a circular way.

Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid

Head of Sustainable Development at Range & Supply, IKEA

Caroline works with exploration projects into new sustainability topics for IKEA- establishing clear positions and approaches to implement and drive through the IKEA business to achieve positive impact at scale. She has 13 years’ experience in Sustainability & Business Development in Transportation, Production, and Supply Chain. Currently, she leads IKEA’s project to support tackle ocean plastic pollution.


Emily Scadgell

Emily Scadgell

Communications Coordinator

Emily is the communications manager for the DIF, her role involves posting key calls to action throughout the year on the DIF’s website, social media and more. She is also responsible for the development and delivery of communications for the wider learning team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, covering Higher Education, Schools and Colleges, online courses and The Circular Design Guide.

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