DIF ON DEMAND Design for AI, Augmentation and Language

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The Disruptive Innovation Festival is an online festival of ideas that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything? During the DIF, we’ll be asking our speakers to tell us what they think is in store for the future of the economy. While watching you can chip in with your thoughts and questions: sign up for a free My DIF account and ask your question through the discussion forum below the live stream!

The future is getting closer. But it’s also harder to separate speculative sci–fi from actionable thinking. We may be able to download our brains in 2050, but right now there are actual tools our users are waiting to use. What can we do to incorporate AI into a design strategy today, and tomorrow? 

We will look at systems of intelligence, their design and architecture. And will examine them in the context of their communication with a human, the mental models and mental journeys associated with that exchange. Narratives about the first attempts in computing AI, and parallel efforts to build augmentation tools will help us understand paradigms in system and tool design. Which we can then use in building and ideating newly available tools.

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Nitzan Hermon

Designer, Researcher

Nitzan Hermon is a designer and researcher of AI, human machine augmentation and language. Through his writing, academic and industry work he is writing a new, sober narrative in the collaboration between humans and machines.

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