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The Disruptive Innovation Festival is an online festival of ideas that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything? During the DIF, we’ll be asking our speakers to tell us what they think is in store for the future of the economy. While watching you can chip in with your thoughts and questions: sign up for a free My DIF account and ask your question through the discussion forum below the live stream!

When you hear the word ‘design’, what images come to mind?

Do you think of someone sketching products or creating a 3D model? A team making a prototype? A beautiful, timeless object?

Dr John Maeda says that type of design is in the past. Through his diverse career - including work at MIT, the creation of the ‘Laws of Simplicity’, Presidency at Rhode Island School of Design and now at startup Automattic - Maeda says design has changed forever.

Design truly can change the world, from tackling inequality to improving our cities. But to have a meaningful impact, designers will need to move beyond aesthetic design’ and embrace the new frontier: computational design.

So don’t get left behind. Tune into this Headline act to hear Dr John Maeda’s advice for how you can play a role in the future of design.

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John Maeda

John is an internationally recognised speaker and author who draws on his diverse background as an MIT-trained engineer, award-winning designer, and executive leader to help businesses and creatives push the boundaries of innovation in their markets and fields. Maeda is an American executive spearheading a new convergence across the design and technology industries, and can be found on Twitter discussing technology, business and design at @johnmaeda - one of TIME Magazine’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds.

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