DIF on AIR Design Thinking with IDEO's Tim Brown

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What is design thinking and why does the CEO of IDEO, one of the world’s leading design agencies, think that there is an opportunity to pair it as an approach with applications of the circular economy concept?

Watch Tim Brown’s conversation with Joe Iles to find out why he says that design is never done and that everyone is a designer.


Tim Brown

Tim Brown

Tim is a leading voice on the value of design thinking in business and society. His ideas and experience are widely sought in industry, academia, and the nonprofit community. Tim is a board member of the Mayo Innovation Advisory Council and the Advisory Council of Acumen Fund, a not-for-profit global venture fund focused on improving the lives of the poor. Tim has a special interest in the convergence of technology and the arts, as well as the ways in which design can be used to promote the well being of people living in emerging economies. In fact, the first seeds for IDEO.org were planted by Tim after a life-changing trip to India. And he has nurtured their growth ever since. Tim joined IDEO in 1987 after earning his MA in design from the Royal College of Art in London.

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