Designing Microeconomies Fuelled by Distributed Food Production

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  • Dr. Mather Carscallen, John Evarts, Brian Evarts

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The Disruptive Innovation Festival is an online festival of ideas that asks the question: what if we could redesign everything? During the DIF, we’ll be asking our speakers to tell us what they think is in store for the future of the economy. While watching you can chip in with your thoughts and questions: sign up for a free My DIF account and ask your question through the discussion forum below the live stream!

One of the most complex challenges humanity faces today is, "How are we going to feed 9 billion people by 2050?". As a result of over fishing/farming, deforestation, and waste production, ecosystems around the world are unable to continue to support the ever growing human population. The belief of the speaker in this session is that by focusing on a distributed Ag-tech model, we can integrate with nature, instead of exploiting it, to achieve, economic, social and environmental progress.


Dr. Mather Carscallen

Dr. Mather Carscallen


Over the last ten years I completed a Ph.D., founded Start-ups and have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in international business development and applied R&D in the energy, food, agriculture, water, and environmental sectors. Currently I am helping build three companies including: SabrTech - Developer of the RiverBox; Smart Software Labs (SSL) - Smart farming powered by AI; and Nova Aquaponics - Community scale aquaponics systems, all of which are focused on solving the growing global food challenges.

John Evarts

John Evarts

Sustainability professional, researcher, and engineer

John is a sustainability professional, researcher, and engineer with specific expertise in energy systems. He currently works as a data scientist and consultant with Unisys. John has served as an officer with SabrTech, a local biotech company with focus on algae production technology for protein and biofuels, since 2012. John served a career in the US Navy as a naval officer and nuclear engineer onboard submarines, the ultimate “small planet” of integrated life support systems. Education includes US Naval Academy (BSc.), University of Idaho (MPA), University of New Mexico (CE Environmental) and Dalhousie University (MES).

Brian Evarts

Brian Evarts

With over 15 years of global enterprise business experience across retail, manufacturing, energy, finance, and pharmaceutical verticals, Brian is a technology professional, experienced in sales and business development, computer programming, information technology, and designing optimal business processes for complex systems and organizations. He brings in depth knowledge in modeling business processes, economics, and ecological systems through the lens of computational modeling, system dynamics and complexity science.

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