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The energy system of the future will be 100% powered by renewables, and this may happen sooner than we think if we can line up the right incentives. But, while this is the right goal to aim for, in itself it is not enough. Our renewable technology needs to be designed for repair, reuse and multiple cycles. Join in the conversation with our studio guests to hear about the opportunities and risks involved in the transition to renewables.

Also in this broadcast, we'll speak to a leading circular designer in China: Professor Lou Yongqi of Tongji University. Don't miss this conversation about how a new kind of design could reshape one of the world's largest economies.


Kerry-Ann Adamson

Kerry-Ann Adamson

Principal Consultant at Advisian

Kerry-Ann is a subject matter expert on hydrogen and fuel cells for Advisian, the strategic advisory arm of global engineering firm Worley.

She has been involved in the industry for twenty years and has worked in, and lead, a number of groups which combine hydrogen, renewables and increasingly battery technology to provide a holistic picture to clients on the potential and opportunities provided by the energy transition. Based in Edinburgh, but with a global reach, her favourite projects focus on the potential upsides of decarbonisation and how globalisation can work hand in hand with localisation to create lasting change.

Kerry-Ann received her PhD from Imperial College, London in 2001 looking at fuel cells as a potential punctuated equilibrium shift in transport technology. Outside of work, Kerry-Ann is a keen wanderer.

Scott Bryant

Scott Bryant

Circular Economy & Energy Infrastructure Specialist

With a background in mechanical and energy engineering, energy economics and policy, Scott has been leading on the implementation of the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy within the energy sector. As the Circular Economy lead for energy infrastructure at Zero Waste Scotland, Scott has been working closely with the energy industry - from big utilities to small start-ups - to utilise their assets and materials more intelligently to reduce the environmental and economic cost of sustainable energy provision and accelerate the shift to a low-carbon energy sector.

In short, Scott has been striving to get industry and government alike to look beyond the vital rush to install low-carbon infrastructure, and reflect more carefully on how this is being designed, built, operated, and ultimately decommissioned and disposed of, to maximise the benefits of these solutions and minimise the environmental, economic and societal impacts of their end-of-life.

Professor Lou Yongqi

Professor Lou Yongqi

Dean of the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University

Prof. Dr. Lou Yongqi is Dean of the College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University in Shanghai. Lou has been the pioneer in China for design-driven innovation education, research and practices that connect design, business, and technology. He is the founder of Design Harvests, the first design-driven urban-rural interaction project in China; Tongji-Huangpu School of Design and Innovation, the first design thinking high school in China; and She Ji — the Journal of Design, Innovation, and Economics published by Tongji University and Elsevier.

Lou was the board director of World Design Organization (WDO), the Editorial Board Member of the journal Design Issues published by The MIT Press, and the Journal of Visual Arts Published by Taylor & Francis. Lou currently chairs the international advisory board of University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He was invited as the keynote speakers in many top conferences such as IFI 2017, IDSA 2016, ACM CHI 2015, WDC 2014 Design Policy Conference, IIT Design Strategy 2013 etc. In 2014, the President of Finland honored Lou with the Order of the Lion of Finland as a Knight, First Class.


Colin Webster

Colin Webster

DIF Programme Manager and Education Content Manager

Colin is one of the two Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF Managers. He manages content in the DIF's Live Studio, ensuring that we have a great mix of brilliant people armed with interesting topics. He also directed last year's DIF documentary, System Reset.

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