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Can you imagine a city that’s as vibrant and healthy as a forest?

That’s the vision of architect Ken Yeang, one of The Guardian’s ‘50 people who could save the planet’. Yeang believes buildings, and indeed cities, should be built to maximise vegetation. In doing so, the city would aid biodiversity and species’ growth, while cleaning water, reducing energy demand and boosting the well-being of the inhabitants.

It sounds like a nice idea, but Yeang’s thinking goes beyond simply ‘greening’ a city: his design objective is clearly aligned with the vision of the circular economy and the need to create systems that are regenerative.

Yeang’s unique ‘ecologically responsible’ architecture is can be seen in Singapore, China, Malaysia, and elsewhere. Now you can hear more about it in this live studio session. Ken will join us live, so be prepared to put your questions to him as the conversation unfolds.


Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang

Architect & Ecologist

Ken Yeang is an architect and ecologist, known for his signature green architecture, his ecology-based approach, distinctive green aesthetic and performances beyond rating systems. He trained at the Architectural Association (UK) and received his doctorate from Cambridge University on ‘ecological design and planning’. He is principal of Hamzah & Yeang with offices in the UK. He received the Malaysian Institute of Architects Gold Medal, Government of Malaysia’s Merdeka Award, Architectural Society of China’s Liangsicheng Award. He holds the Distinguished Plym Professor chair at Illinois University. The UK Guardian newspaper named him one of 50 individuals who could save the planet.

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