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Throughout the DIF, we get to hear about dozens upon dozens of economy-changing ideas, beamed in from all over the world. Helping you make sense of all that has passed in the last three weeks is the DIF Team - a collection of aged veterans and enthusiastic younglings who are united in their desire to tell a good story.

The DIF Grand Finale is THE show to watch in order to hear a synthesis of their thoughts on the themes and ideas that have blossomed over the course of the event. As if that isn't exciting enough, Ellen MacArthur will join in the DIF studio to give her opinions on this, the fifth Disruptive Innovation Festival. It's a show not to be missed.



Colin Webster

Colin Webster

Learning Content Manager

Colin is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Learning Content Manager. He manages content in the DIF's Live Studio, ensuring that we have a great mix of brilliant people armed with interesting topics. He also directed this year's DIF documentary, System Reset.

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